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Singing the bass part in Legacy Five is Glenn Dustin.

Glenn is a charter member of legacy Five and has twice been voted gospel music’s favorite bass singer by the readers of the Singing News magazine.

For this former welder from West Monroe, Louisiana, singing bass with Legacy Five is a privilege and a joy. "I still can't believe God has been so good to me, to allow me this kind of opportunity to sing to so many wonderful folks ... I thank Him for it every day," commented Glenn about his position with Legacy Five.

Glenn was saved at the young age of 10 at Bethel Baptist Church in West Monroe, but the strong desire to serve the Lord through his singing didn't come until he attended a Cathedral Quartet concert as a teenager. From then on, Glenn was destined to sing bass with a major group, influenced by his vocal heroes, George Younce, Tim Riley and Richard Sterba

His first singing opportunity came as a teenager through a local group called the Countrymen and then he later sang with a group called Crossroads. When he heard that the Cathedrals were disbanding in 1999 and that Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler were starting a new group, Glenn felt that God was opening a door to his destiny. He knew that many great bass singers would be auditioning, but He trusted God to make it happen if it was meant to be. Of course, Glenn did join Legacy Five and has been a big part of their success since January of 2000.

Growing up in church, Glenn's spiritual influences were his godly parents and his grandmother, Maggie Tubbs. "We were in church every time the doors were open... the first ones there," says Glenn about his upbringing.

You would expect this award-winning bass singer to be most proud of his achievements on-stage with Legacy Five, but you'll find that his real joy is found in being a husband and father.
Glenn and his beautiful wife Kristi were married in 1990. “I could never fulfill my calling if it wasn't for the support she gives me," says Glenn about Kristi, who he says is also his best friend. "I couldn't do any of this without her in my corner."

Their son, Garrett, was born in 1996 and he is quite the little sportsman. He plays baseball and football and does very well at both. Glenn is very involved in all of Garrett's sporting endeavors, but you can easily see that he is held captive by his little princess with the perfect Southern name, Chloe Beth. She was born in 2003 and just a few minutes around these two will let you know that Chloe is in full control of her daddy's affections.

With their tongue firmly planted in-cheek, the other guys in Legacy Five often refer to Glenn on stage as a "simple man with a simple mind" but you'll find that simplicity is a true virtue that emanates from Glenn Dustin's life. When asked to sum it all up, he'll tell you simply that God is working in his life and that his family comes first. Of course, he has interests outside the family like hunting and playing golf, but Glenn never lets those things interfere with his family time.

"If I was out there being a bass singer and accomplishing all that but neglecting my family, that would be a terrible witness," says Glenn about his most important role. "I need to be a godly father and husband first and foremost... then if the Lord allows me to use the talent He has given me to bless people... well, that's just icing on the cake."

The Lord certainly is using this young man with the big voice and gentle Southern demeanor to bless all those who follow the ministry of Legacy Five. He is perfectly happy just spending time with Kristi or hanging out with Garrett and Chloe. His testimony as a devoted family man is perhaps even more of a statement to the Southern Gospel music world today than his singing.

His goals in life remain simple... to be the best husband and father he can be. And to be the best Christian he can be. "We have to be willing to let God work in our hearts... being a good Christian is about so many things, like being a good friend and having a servant's heart... all these things are what God wants us to be and that's what I care about."


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